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Here is a great place to start! Get your feet wet with our Trial Cleanse. We know considering a cleanse can be very intimidating/overwhelming so we have created a solution for you. Our trial cleanse is simple, effective and puts you in the right mindset to create better habits to live an optimal life.

This cleanse removes the fear of juicing and also gives you the control of your dinner and snacks.

We recommend that you have one balanced meal( check out our soup) and 2 health-promoting snacks throughout the day as well consume a minimum of 1-2 Litres of water a day. 

*For more than one day, increase quantity.

 What's Include
  • 2x - 355 ML The Cleanse 

     Ingredients: Lemon, Apple, Pear, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper.

  • 1x - 355 ML Smooth Detox

     Ingredients: Kale, Parsley, Apple, Pineapple, Himalayan Salt. 

  • 1x - 355 ML Blood Candy

     Ingredients: Beet, Carrot, Apple, Pear, Lime, Ginger, Basil.

  • 1x - 60 ML Metabolic

    Ingredients: Ginger, Lime, Lemon, Maple syrup, Cayenne Pepper.

  • Cloud 9 Detox Tea

  • Email to answer any question.
Pick Up/ Delivery

Please keep in mind a 48 hour notice is required for all orders! Free pick ups are available daily at our commercial kitchen. 7 Day or longer cleanses are enclosed with several deliveries to ensure freshness at no extra on top of the initial charge.

Important Information

We work intimately with our clients coaching them along the way. To lessen our impact on the environment, we are proud to deliver our cleanses and meal plans in glass containers. If it is a recurring cleanse program, please have all bottles and jars ready for our delivery personnel. In cases of subscription orders, all bottles and jars will be picked up on your next delivery or within 3-5 days after the cleanse has been concluded.

After you finish  consuming beverages or food, we kindly ask that you simply rinse the bottles and jars after use and set them aside to exchange at delivery or our routine pick ups.
Please note that it is your responsibility to care for our cooler bags and bottles and should be returned in the same condition as they were dropped off.
For lost/ damaged cooler bags a fee of $45 will be charged to your account.
After we collect the jars and bottles they are put through a rigorous sanitation process before being reused.


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