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Drink the Rainbow is excellent for our everyday juicers who just need a health boost in their busy lives. Taking your healthy up a notch, this juice pack brings a wide range of nutrients to your life mimicking the rainbow helping you effortlessly stay healthy during your busy schedule. Just grab1 or 2 juices a day.

Available in a pack of 6.


2x Smooth Detox

Gourmet Ingredients: Kale, Parsley, Pineapple, Apple, Lime, Himalayan Salt.
Health Profile: Antioxidants, Detox, Regularity, Fluid Balance, Vitamin C, K & Collagen.

2x Oh' So Orange

Gourmet Ingredients: Carrot, Pineapple, Clementine, Apple, Passion fruit, Lemon, Turmeric, Ginger. 

Health Profile: Vision Health, Beta Carotene, Boosting Immune System, Aid in Digestion, Reducing Anxiety.

2x Blood Candy

Gourmet Ingredients: Beet, Apple, Pear, Lime, Ginger, Basil.

Health Profile: Endurance, Blood Pressure, Heart Health, Inflammation, Digestion.

Keep Refrigerated at 4°C
For Best Quality, Consume with 5 days


Warning: Due to the unpasteurized nature of our products, they may not be suitable for young children, the elderly, pregnant or breast-feeding individuals or anyone with an immune system disorder. You must be aware of any health conditions you may have before consuming our products

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