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Show of hands; who doesn't want to spend this winter with sore throats, coughing, sneezing and with stuffy noses? Amazing, you too! The immune system protects the body against infections. Overtime, based on lifestyle choices and other factors the immune system can become compromised. When this occurs it becomes too weak to combat sicknesses allowing us to be vulnerable exposing us to frequent infections. We were able to cultivate a pack with food and medicinal herbs that has been proven to help strengthen, protect and maintain the immune system. This pack includes Vitamin C which helps stimulate and increase the production of white blood cells which help the body fight infections. For example, raw spinach is high in folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, and iron excellent for boosting immune functions and provide the body with vital for DNA repair. It also includes Vitamin E and Zinc which are vital for maintaining the immune system as well as wellness tonics infused with both echinacea and goldenseal which are powerful together for total immune protection.

What's Included
2x 60 ML Congestion Aid Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon, Grade B Maple syrup, Black pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Oil of Oregano, Golden Seal, Echinacea.
2x 500 ML Almond Eyes Almond, Filtered Alkaline Water, Vanilla Bean, Medjool Date, Maple Syrup, Spices, Chia Seed, Himalayan Pink Salt.
2x 355 ML So' Wealthy Spinach, Mixed lettuce, Orange Pineapple, Ginger, Turmeric, Ginseng.
2x 355 ML Exotic Orange Carrot, Apple, Clementine, Strawberry, Lemongrass, Cayenne Pepper.
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