We understand the struggles with juice cleanses, especially those that leave you feeling weak, lethargic and undernourished. The main reason for that is, most companies that sell juice cleanses including the nutritionist they have teamed up with, has never participated in one. For me, it's one thing to read about an experience and it's another thing to actually experience it. Most of them lack the expertise and are only selling you thirst quenchers.

I can't tell you how many times I've done an extended juice cleanse in the beginning of my journey and had to rely on juice companies. There were only a few that knew what they were talking about but for the majority, they lacked knowledge. For one, based on research, I knew that commercial centrifugal juicers or centrifugal juicers in general produced juices that should be consumed almost immediately due to high oxidation. The longer it sits in a bottle, the less nutrients it had. I spent an extensive amount of time studying juicing because I wanted maximum its benefits.

With Juice Wealthy, integrity is important. Our juices are very potent and contain over 5 serving of fruits and vegetables in each and every bottle. We only use masticating juicer or hydraulic press juicers for our juices regardless of how meticulous the process can be. Essentially because slowly pressed fruits and vegetables make the best juices and are processed without losing most of its nutrients and without the use of heat (pasteurization) or high pressure processing (HPP). All juices are made on the same day of delivery or pick-up to make sure the nutrients, phyto-chemicals and enzymes are still alive and beneficial to your body.

Why? Our customers deserve only the best. Both juicer cleanses are perfect for both beginners and seasoned juicers depending on your tolerance level. All juices are made tasty while still maximizing nutritional benefits.


Both cleanses give you the freedom to choose half or full. This allows you the flexibility to choose your own health promoting lunch or dinner.

Scenario: Say you are at work and you have a lunch meeting and you don't want to take your juice to the restaurant. All you would have to do is refrigerate your juices then enjoy a healthy lunch with your lunch date while resuming your juices later on.


    Who is it for?

    • beginner cleansers
    • coming off a high processed/junk food diet
    • are afraid of the idea of juicing and want juices that are fruit-friendly.
    • Who wants to jump-start a healthy life-style.
    • doesn't have fructose sensitivity
    • looking to debloat
    • increase energy
    • reset
    • improve digestion


    Who is it for?

    • intermediate and advance cleansers
    • individual who have juiced before and are looking for a deeper cleanse focusing on only green juices and giving your digestive system a break.
    • Who have specific health requirements such as improving chronic diseases etc.
    • increase energy
    • looking to debloat
    • increase energy
    • reduce inflammation
    • improve digestion
    • improve skin
    • mental clarity

    If you want to learn more on why cleansing is important, click here.

    Don't want to cleanse? Check our essential juice packs.

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