We understand the importance of great environmental practices and their impact. At Juice Wealthy our passion goes far beyond making delicious juices and nutritious meals, but as well assisting in ethical environmental practices that not only coincides with government polices, but our personal views.

Our environmental impact reduction strategy starts with our support of our local farmers who supply our premium ingredients and keeping our economy flowing.

As part of our responsibility to lessen the effects on our planet, all local recurring cleanse orders are delivered in glass bottles and jars and are transported in reusable cooler bags. 

As we build close long standing relationships with customers who share our same values, we are encouraged to use reusable cooler bags for all recurring orders.

As part of our commitment to adopting and enforcing environmentally responsible policies we then pick up all bottles from customers for free, then cleanse, sanitize and reuse them. Our company’s goal to reduce emission fuel and the carbon foot print, 50% of our deliveries are made throughout the GTA with bike couriers.

Although our mission is to be 100% plastic-free, for customer convenience our plastic bottles are BPA-free and made from Recycled PET. Our attempt may not be perfect in all areas but we are committed in doing our part to leave a better world behind for the future generation.


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