Juice Wealthy is wellness-focused a plant-based company founded in 2014 by Sonisha Paul. This development was created based on changes that she had noticed about her body over the years; shortness of breath, abnormal pain, unattractive skin and fatigue throughout the day all due to being over weight. She decided to go on a quest to learn about the mechanics behind the human body and realized that food played an important role in how we feel each day. With her dedication towards the research and experiments, she became to understand that like anything that you are looking to invest into, that’s where Juicewealthy.com was born. Investing in your body; giving it not only the fuel it needs to be fully functional, but the dedication and determination that one needs to give themselves is what is truly essential to see growth.

Sonisha Paul is a mom, culinary nutrition chef, recipe developer, owner and founder of Juice Wealthy. Her philosophy has always been "to heal is to rest" which transcended from her Grenadian culture. Years ago after having children, Sonisha started to make poor food choices where she began to battle with her weight and started to experience food-related symptoms such as obesity,  pre-diabetes, hormone imbalance, gut issues and more. She studied hard and was determined to find the mechanics behind food and the importance it related to how we look and feel from day to day. Given her family history that includes heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and cancer; Sonisha had to change her perception of food by redefining what it really meant to nourish the body. After completing her first 60 day juice cleanse and losing over 50lbs, she discovered juicing and nature as a healing source leading the way to her true life's purpose.

In 2015, she raised awareness as she helped individuals all over the world with what she likes to call  an unconventional approach to health with the launch of a 7 day intermittent digital juice plan which is now known as Lose 11LBS in 7 Days. She went on to help thousands with her digital products including juice challenges with clients all over the world. Her goal was to help people think outside the box when it came to their health and remove the stigma and try something new. She shared juice recipes that she tested making sure they were palatable to help individuals overcome the fear they had juicing fruits and vegetables. She wanted the transition into this lifestyle to be effortless and to build confidence so her clients will  want to continue long-term and reap the benefits of a healthier way to live. Her passion for food and nutrition is a desire that has been embedded in her as she for as long as she could remember. She later studied and graduated from Culinary Nutrition Management which gave her the keys to advance her already established skill set.

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