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Sonisha Paul is a mom, culinary nutrition chef, recipe developer, owner and founder of Juice Wealthy. Her philosophy has always been "to heal is to rest" which transcended from her Grenadian culture. Years ago after having children, Sonisha started to make poor food choices where she began to battle with her weight and started to experience food-related symptoms such as obesity,  pre-diabetes, hormone imbalance, gut issues and more. She studied hard and was determined to find the mechanics behind food and the importance it related to how we look and feel from day to day. Given her family history that includes heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and cancer; Sonisha had to change her perception of food by redefining what it really meant to nourish the body. After completing her first 60 day juice cleanse and losing over 50lbs, she discovered juicing and nature as a healing source leading the way to her true life's purpose.

In 2015, she raised awareness as she helped individuals all over the world with what she likes to call  an unconventional approach to health with the launch of a 7 day intermittent digital juice plan which is now known as Lose 11LBS in 7 Days. Her goal was to help people think outside the box when it came to their health and remove the stigma and try something new. She shared juice recipes that she tested making sure they were palatable to help individuals overcome the fear they had juicing fruits and vegetables. She wanted the transition into this lifestyle to be effortless and to build confidence so her clients will  want to continue long-term and reap the benefits of a healthier way to live. Her passion for food and nutrition is a desire that has been embedded in her as she for as long as she could remember. She later studied and graduated from Culinary Nutrition Management which gave her the keys to advance her already established skill set.
Whether embarking on her every so often juice cleanses or just wanting a cold nutrient-dense beverage, Sonisha had a hard time finding juices at her local juice shops that satisfied her taste buds - seeking for richness and potency in juices she craved for. The lack of innovation, creativity, and gourmet adventure brought an interest and determination to divert from the digital platform and bring forth that type of product into mainstream. Premium, gourmet, the level of concentration, potency and richness is what Juice Wealthy delivers to their customers which you will not find anywhere else.
Everything she touches is an expression of her heart and soul. .



We are not a juice bar!
Our focus is quality over quantity. Sonisha, a culinary nutritionist is the creator of all products within the company. She uses her expertise as an avid juicer along with her experience and educational background to create products to help her clients reach their specific health goals. She is able to remove the fear of juicing and a go-to for first time cleansers as trust is instilled using her expertise as an avid juicer herself. She only provides rich, delicious, potent and highly concentrated slow pressed juices that her clients love. They feel great drinking our juices and we get excited by not only helping, but inspiring and motivating our clients to prolong a lifestyle that is highly plant-based. Fueling your body with all the proper nutrients during your cleanse journey is necessary for your success, which is why she carefully customizes juices that are not only nutritious, but ones you actually want to drink. We pride ourselves in providing an unconventional approach to health by utilizing organic slow cold-pressed juices and other plant foods encouraging nutritional well-being for all of our clients. We are a plant-based wellness focused company located in Toronto Canada. 


To retain the vital nutrients, enzymes, phyto-chemical & phyto-nutrients in every bottle, we only use slow masticating juicers with low RPMs; not the conventional centrifugal counterparts other companies use. Even though using commercial centrifugal juicers could increase our production outputs and reduce our labor, we stick to a small batch operation using only low RPMs juicers because our clients deserve the best. Local juice companies use centrifugal juicers to increase production but the quality of the end product is not the same as ours. Studies found that the juice extracted by the low-speed masticating juicers had a higher nutritional quality than the high-speed centrifugal ones. Study also suggests using centrifugal juicers, the quality of the extracted juice might differ due to the greater amount of heat produced by the juicer.

At Juice Wealthy, our core value is beneficial juicing. With that being said, our juices have a 3-5 day shelf-life. Our juices are unpasteurized and are not HPP'd. Both pasteurization and HPP (High Pressure Processing) are preservation methods that has been used by beverage companies to increase the shelf-life for their product with little to no health benefits and live nutrients. Pasteurization preservation uses heat < 100 degrees at a high temperature. What they don't tell you is the heat also destroys vitamins, nutrients, phyto-chemicals and enzymes in the juices. HPP is also type of pasteurization that has been adapted by many juice companies over recent years. It exposes juices to extreme water pressures instead of heat, but it is still in fact a preservation method. When juices go through processing, the beneficial factors are eliminated and they become thirst quenchers. We stay true to providing juices that can improve your health and life.


We understand the importance of great environmental practices and their impact. At Juice Wealthy our passion goes far beyond making delicious juices and nutritious meals, but as well assisting in ethical environmental practices that not only coincides with government polices, but our personal views. 

As part of our responsibility to lessen the effects on our planet, all local recurring cleanse orders are delivered in glass bottles and jars and are transported in reusable cooler bags. 

As we build close long standing relationships with customers who share our same values, we are encouraged to use reusable cooler bags for all recurring cleanse orders. 

As part of our commitment to adopting and enforcing environmentally responsible policies we then pick up all bottles from customers for free, then cleanse, sanitize and reuse them. Our company’s goal to reduce emission fuel and the carbon foot print, 50% of our deliveries are made throughout the GTA with bike couriers. 

Although our mission is to be 100% plastic-free, for customers' convenience our plastic bottles are BPA-free and made from Recycled PET. Our attempt may not be perfect in all areas but we are committed in doing our part to leave a better world behind for the future generation. 

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