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Our Micros to Macros cleanse provides the perfect balance. This cleanse supplies you with both micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients using organic plant-based protein smoothies. If you still have the fear of committing to a 100% juice cleanse and are worried about your macro-nutrients intake especially protein, then this is for you. It is also great for individuals post-cleanse and as well as for those living an active lifestyle. Instead of solely relying on juices, this cleanse is enclosed with protein-rich meal replacement smoothies giving you the sense of feeling "full" and satiated. Start your health journey here. If you are need to feel your best and is looking for a cleanse that provides fibre, healthy fats and plant-based protein, then this cleanse is for you.

Increase quantity for more than one day.

      What's Included
      • 5x  355 ML Cold-Pressed Juices

      • 2x 500 ML meal replacement Smoothies

      • 1x 60 ML Wellness Tonics Per Day

      • Probiotics for digestive health

      • "Cloud 9" Detox Tea PM

      • Mesh Tea Infuser

      • 1 Reusable Metal Straw & Cleaner (first order only)

      • Daily Schedule

      • Email Support to answer any questions  

      Pick Up/Delivery

      Please keep in mind a 48 hour notice is required for all orders! Free pick ups are available daily at our commercial kitchen. 7 Day or longer cleanses are enclosed with several deliveries to ensure freshness at no extra on top of the initial charge.

      Important Information

      We work intimately with our clients coaching them along the way. To lessen our impact on the environment, we are proud to deliver our cleanses and meal plans in glass containers. If it is a recurring cleanse program, please have all bottles and jars ready for our delivery personnel. In cases of subscription orders, all bottles and jars will be picked up on your next delivery or within 3-5 days after the cleanse has been concluded.

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