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Our Chlorophyll Happy cleanse promotes alkalinity, increases energy and encourages a powerful detoxification on the body. Chlorophyll refers to the phyto-nutrient that gives plants their green pigment. Chlorophyll has proven strengthens the blood-producing organs, preventing anemia and giving the body an abundance of oxygen. If you are looking for a deep cleaning to rid toxins, bloat and to regulate your body to tip top shape then this cleanse is for you. Loaded with antioxidant power, chlorophyll exerts beneficial effects against cancer, insomnia, dental ailments, sinusitis, pancreatitis and kidney stones. Chlorophyll has anti-aging and anti-microbial properties and helps strengthen the immune system. This cleanse includes 8 alkalizing slow pressed green juices, 1 wellness tonic as well as detox teas each day.


 Some Benefits May Include: 

  • Detoxifying the blood & Eliminating toxins
  • Fighting Anemia
  • Boost Energy & Immune system
  • Anti-aging
  • Improving Skin
  • Magnesium
  • Remove heavy metal from the body
  • Reducing nasal and other Inflammation
  • Treating digestive issues
  • Muscle soreness
  • Fatigue 
  • Build blood
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Balancing PH
  • Neurodegenerative & Cardiovascular diseases and more (Polyphenols)

 Product Features:

  • Made Fresh to Order on Day of Delivery
  • 100% Slowly Cold-pressed Juice
  • Never Diluted with Water
  • Hand-Crafted, Small Batch Made
  • No Sugar Added
  • Never HPP or Pasteurized 
What's included
  • 8x 355 ML Green Juices per Day
  • 1x 60 ML Wellness Tonics per Day
  • "Get-Up & Go Energizer" Tea AM
  • "Cloud 9" Detox Tea PM
  • 1x Reusable Metal Straw & Cleaner (first order only)
  • Email Support to answer any questions 
      Pick Up/Delivery

      Please keep in mind a 48 hour notice is required for all orders! Free picks are available daily at our commercial kitchen. 7 Day or longer cleanses are enclosed with several deliveries to ensure freshness at no extra on top of the initial charge.

      Important Information

      We work intimately with our clients coaching them along the way. To lessen our impact on the environment, we are proud to deliver our cleanses and meal plans in glass containers. If it is a recurring cleanse program, please have all bottles and jars ready for our delivery personnel. In cases of subscription orders, all bottles and jars will be picked up on your next delivery or within 3-5 days after the cleanse has been concluded.

      After you finish  consuming beverages or food, we kindly ask that you simply rinse the bottles and jars after use and set them aside to exchange at delivery or our routine pick ups.
      Please note that it is your responsibility to care for our cooler bags and bottles and should be returned in the same condition as they were dropped off.
      For lost/ damaged cooler bags a fee of $45 will be charged to your account.
      After we collect the jars and bottles they are put through a rigorous sanitation process before being reused.

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