Vitamin D and It's Benefits

Vitamin D and It's Benefits

Vitamin D aids the body into absorbing and preserving phosphorus and calcium which helps construct bone within the body. Our bodies do not produce our own calcium and we lose calcium everyday through our skin, feces, urine, hair and nails which is why eating the right foods is seriously important. Covid-19 has changed a lot for the way how us as a people go about our daily lives and being on quarantine can cause a serious negative effect on our health.


The sun is the most common element that produces vitamin D and with enough exposure to your arms, legs, face, legs (your skin) for at least 6 days of sunlight it can do your body good for an extended period of time. When there is no sunlight, just like fat, it is discharged. Many people have poor vitamin D levels because of the country, city and/or place that they live in for example; people who live in places where sunlight is not frequent especially in winter will have limited sun exposure being that they would be indoors the majority of the time. For those who have a darker skin complexion would have lower levels of vitamin D due to the fact that their pigmentation operates as a shield or shade which diminishes their vitamin D intake. For those who have a darker skin complexion in these covid days where quarantine is mandatory, this can be detrimental to them.


Foods like milk, yogurt and cheese are high in calcium while green vegetables contain a small quantity. Taking supplements is only needed if you don't get your daily recommended dose from the foods you take. A few examples of food sources one can take would be cod liver, beef liver, egg yolk, sardines, orange juice and fortified cereals. There is no conclusive benefit that states that taking more of the required vitamin D makes a difference. When it comes to its benefits, vitamin D supplementation can help with bone and muscle strength, improves the survival of one who may have developed cancer, lowers the risk of a heart attack, stroke and deaths from cardiovascular disease.


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