How I Lost 55lbs Juicing.

How I Lost 55lbs Juicing.

Aside from being a culinary nutritionist, I live a life of an avid juicer who has successfully completed several short and long-term juice cleanses. My longest being 60 days where I lost over 55lbs. I created this company based on holistic principles I have learned over the years as well as during my juicing journeys in company with my nutrition education background. With that much experience I am able to cultivate the best possible solution for my clients.

Documenting how my mind, body and soul transformed by just changing what I ate was profound and I knew I needed to share it with all of you. I understand the process well and I am able to help you as an expert because I understand what it feels like to try everything and not finding solutions. I was over 250lbs and obese! I was unable to sleep at night, I was having severe back and joint pains, being addicted to refined sugars and other processed “food” while dealing with postpartum depression just to name a few. All because of the lifestyle choices I was making. I had to invest into my health. My maternal grandmother died at the age of 50 from a stroke and my grandfather died at the age of 72 from the same thing.  My mom had a mild heart attack a few years ago and my dad is diabetic. I realize a long time ago that family’s predisposition doesn't have to be the reality if you change your perception of food. Juice Wealthy is personal to me and although you lose weight it is more than just weight loss. It's making the mind-shift to do right by your body and overall health.

My juices and cleanse programs are of high successful rates because I put in the necessary experimentation and testing to make sure that 1. My clients will succeed and 2. They are getting the best possible nutrients for their body. I have also had the opportunity to try other cleanse programs from other companies and saw areas where they were lacking which allowed me to fill those gaps. I provide the best quality, flavours and a wide range of nutritional benefits period. For instance, I intentionally only use slow-pressed juices because I know based on my extensive knowledge from using and researching different types of juicers, this is the best way to get those vital nutrients to you. When juice is pressed using conventional centrifugal juicers(as most juice companies use), you have to immediately consume those juices (30 minutes) for you to get those phyto-chemical, nutrients and enzymes.

Juices made with high speed conventional juicers, oxidizes almost immediately. So think about it, by the time it is bottled and gets to you, it loses most of its nutritional benefits. The next thing is I only deal with fresh, handpicked premium quality ingredients and juices are small-batched made precisely on the same day as your pick-up or delivery date. My focus is quality over quantity. I remove the guesswork for you so all you have to focus on is creating healthier habits.  While most individuals are intrigued with the weight loss potential of juice cleanses, it is important to understand more importantly that a healthy lifestyle is the goal. Learn more on why you should cleanse here

The steps I took for my 55lbs transformation.

Phase 1

Two weeks partially juicing and eating, that helped me prepare my body for what was ahead.(Trial Cleanse). You can stay in this phase for as long as you need to before moving on to phase 2.

Phase 2

Three weeks straight juicing on the rainbow(New Beginnings Cleanse). If you are not new to juicing, here is a great place to start.

Phase 3

Three weeks deep cleaning on greens only (Chlorophyll Happy Cleanse).To me, here was where the cleansing started to happen, remember we eat 365 days a year and some of the food choices weren't the best ones.

Start your transformation phase today

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  • Hoping yo try your juicing method… I’m gluten-free and lactose intolerant with food allergies. What’s best to choose


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